Considering that Google provide a very good GPS Application in the form of Navigation, the immediate answer might be no. Navigation does the job quite well. And until a week ago, I’d have probably windows 10 Product Key agreed with that.

However, a few days ago I received the option to upgrade from Copilot Live to Copilot GPS. Copilot GPS is a free application where the voice-activated turn-by-turn navigation is disabled, and you pay to use it but as an existing customer, the maps I had with Copilot Live were restored.

I decided to give it a test. Overall, my general view is that yes, it probably is worth buying the dedicated Copilot GPS or Live Premium apps for the following reasons:-

  • The voice on Navigation is quite robotic and sometimes difficult to follow. The voices on Copilot can be selected and are much clearer
  • Offline mapping. Google Navigation caches your route, but it does mean that if you go out of signal range, it can’t recalculate a route. Also, if you’re using an offline GPS in Europe, you don’t have roaming costs.
  • Alternative route selection and route options. I personally prefer a country road, if it’s only slightly slower than a motorway (they’re also generally shorter, so cheaper). Copilot GPS gives me this option.
  • Speed warnings.

There’s also features like Active Traffic which are available for a small annual subscription. If there’s an accident ahead, the app can suggest an alternative route.

As far as the upgrade from Copilot Live to Copilot GPS, I’d advise any Copilot Live users to get it. The whole app seems faster and more elegant than Copilot Live.

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