In addition to working for larger clients, I also do some work directly for small clients and develop some solutions of my own.

YPP Tax Reform App

YPP Tax Reform

This was a development of a website and Android app from the Young People’s Party (YPP) to allow users to calculate the difference between current taxation and land value tax (LVT). The site was built using AngularJS including custom directives for the input of monetary amount.

The website was then wrapped in Phonegap and deployed to the Google Play store as an Android App.




Marginal Seats

marginal seats

This is a website built as an experiment with Azure hosting and Wikipedia extraction as, initially a training exercise. The website loaded data from Wikipedia and using that data, the degree of marginality in the 2015 Election Results could be calculated and presented.

The website is built in ASP.NET MVC5, SQL Server 2008 and Entity Framework with jQGrid and WebAPI and is running on Azure.