If you’re looking for an alternative to Visio, check out Google Docs Drawing. Visio costs about £229 which if you’re only doing occasional diagrams seems a bit steep, while Google Docs is free.

Google Docs Drawing isn’t as powerful as Visio, so it may not suit all users, but for what I need – drawing diagrams showing the overviews of system designs, it does the job. I can draw shapes, link them and the links will move as shapes are moved. It also has the benefit of being a hosted document that I can share with the client. They, or I can modify it without having to manage versions.

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3 Responses to Google Docs Drawing: Visio Alternative

  1. Ahmed says:

    Have you tried Creately ? It also has real-time collaboration and some advanced drawing tools. They do offer a free version but your drawings are public which kind of sucks. But if you’re doing an assignment and want a one off diagram it is worth it.

  2. Bear C. says:

    Another great Visio alternative is Lucidchart. They have some really advanced tools and you can tie it into your Google Drive. They have a free version as well as some very affordable month to month plans.

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